(01233) 640443

Advice and Support

We can provide advice and support over the telephone, at our Centre in Ashford, at any of our outreach locations and via email.

Find A Voice is not an assessment centre. Therefore one of our first questions will always be "Do you have a Speech & Language Therapist?". Our aim is to work in partnership with professionals to assist both you and them reach the best possible outcome. We do this by providing advice and information about the forms of augmentative and alternative communication aids available; by providing access to the equipment on a loan basis to assess suitability; and by assisting with locating sources of funding once the appropriate course of action has been identified.

If you wish to come in to the Centre and see us we would recommend that you call us on 01233 640443 and make an appointment for your first visit. This ensures that we have someone available exclusively to deal with your queries. If you would like to come and see us when we are in a location in Kent nearer to where you live, check out our Outreach Services page for details of where we will be visiting.

Our Resources and Case Studies pages give further information about what we can do to assist.