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Resource Library

Find A Voice is the only charity in the country that provides a loan of communication equipment free of charge. Our service is used by parents, teachers, speech and language therapists and various other professionals. We are intent on expanding our service and would like to be able to help more people. We visit schools, hospitals and do home visits with all of our equipment as a mobile resource library. We loan our equipment out for a six week trial as usually this is long enough to see how well a piece of equipment works.
What are speech, language and communication needs? 
Both children and adults can have difficulty
  • explaining what they want
  • saying how they are feeling and what they want to do in the future
  • joining in social interaction
These difficulties can be caused by conditions as different as autism, Down's syndrome, strokes, MS, cerebral palsy, and serious trauma. Communication difficulties may be linked to learning difficulties, but not all people with communication needs have learning difficulties. We aim to support all children with communication needs. 
Communication Aids
Voice output communication aids (VOCAs) work by the user pressing buttons to produce a message. We have a good selection of simple VOCAs such as Big Mack, Step-by-Step and GoTalk. Borrow a device from us for a trial or assessment. We can also help you with the overlays and recording of messages.
Symbol Work and Training
Symbols are one way of assisting communication. Often called AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) symbols, they can be used in choice boards, communication books, timetables etc, and on many communication aids.
Modern software makes it easy to produce symbols to aid the communication process and with the advent of the iPad and Android market AAC is becoming more affordable and accessible for everyone.