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At Find A Voice we offer a range of training and learning options, which are broadly spread into three sections:

For people with communication and learning difficulties

We offer a range of ICT and life skills programmes for people with communication and/or learning difficulties. Tuition is one-to-one or in small groups and delivered at the pace of the learner. See Life skills - ASDAN and ICT choices programme for more details of our programmes.

For parents, carers and professionals

The use of symbols to advise us is commonplace in everyday life, but for people with speech and communication difficulties symbols are also used for general interaction. We offer a one day Widgit Communicate In Print course which enables anyone living or working with a person who has difficulty in communicating to be able to use symbols effectively to assist everyday living (please note that Communicate In Print software is required to produce Widgit symbols in everyday use post-training).

For business

For any business, but especially if you work with the general public, an awareness of speech and communication difficulties and how to interact is desirable. Our AAC Awareness training programme can equip your staff with the knowledge they need.