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Our Mission

Supporting people of all ages who have severe speech, language and communication needs by providing access to life enhancing advice, equipment and training.

About Us

Find A Voice was registered as a charity in October 1996 (Charity No. 1058697). Since 2001 the organisation has operated from a single storey Centre in Ashford, Kent providing services primarily to those in the county of Kent.

Find A Voice supports children and adults who have a severe speech, language or communication difficulty, and who may require some form of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) support. This can include signing, symbols or a communication aid. Support is provided in person, by telephone and via this website.

Our Vision

A world in which people with severe speech problems are able to find their voice and be heard.

Our aims to achieve this are:

To provide:

  • a well informed and sympathetic advice service via telephone, email and personal contact for anyone with severe speech and communication difficulties; their families and carers, GPs and other practitioners
  • specialist equipment on a no-cost trial basis to build basic communication skills, establish suitability of use and evidence of need
  • advice and awareness training to public and private organisations to enable them to understand and communicate with those without a voice
  • advice to legal, professional and public bodies on how best to communicate with and assist clients who have difficulty in voicing their needs

And to:

  • contribute to and liaise with research and development channels to keep abreast of advances in communication technology
  • develop relationships with organisations involved in relevant medical research, providing case histories when appropriate
  • establish robust, diversified and sustainable funding
  • continue to actively seek, value and build positive networking, exchange of information and collaboration with our partners