ASDAN Personal Development Programmes

Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards

By completing challenges from a choice of subjects, students will gain CREDITS. The programme records the amount of time spent working on the challenges. Each credit is equivalent to ten hours work. Depending on how many hours have been spent in total, certificates are awarded for BRONZE (60 hours), SILVER(120 hours) and GOLD (180 hours). When the chosen programme has been completed, the tutor will award the appropriate certificate.

There are also ASDAN short courses available in various subjects, which can also build credits towards other ASDAN qualifications.

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Some of the topics covered in the BRONZE, SILVER AND GOLD AWARD:-

Beliefs and Values, Science and Technology, Expressive Arts and the Wider World are a few examples. 

Short Courses subjects include:-

Living Idependently, Careers and Experiencing and Personal and Social Development

Beliefs & Values

Students can study about other cultures and religions and find out about:-

  • different beliefs
  • festivals and celebrations
  • key figures/founders leaders
  • moral codes
  • the work of organisations such as Oxfam

Science & Technology

Here students can study some more practical topics like:-

  • synthetic and natural materials
  • technical drawing
  • use of word processor
  • use of a digital camera
  • chemical reactions

Living Independently

This short course covers nine modules that include:-

  • a place of your own
  • health and wellbeing
  • keeping track of your money
  • making financial choices

Careers and Experiencing work

Here the modules look at:-

  • self development
  • career exploration
  • preparing for the workplace
  • being at work


The English short course contains six modules

  • developing communication skills
  • speaking and listening
  • reading and writing styles
  • reading for pleasure
  • writing for a purpose
  • reading for a purpose

These are just a few of the topics we cover within ASDAN. Prices include all programme materials and certificates.

Asdan Bronze, Silver and Gold programmes

These sessions are £37.50* for a 90 minute session

Short Courses

  • 45 mins at £17.50* per session
  • 1 hour at £21.00* per session

* All prices are based on 1:1 tuition, however additional costs may be incurred if additional support is required.