New Switch Adapted Toy available through our Outreach Library

Tue 09 Feb 2021

MEGA Infinity Tunnel

The Multicolour Sensory Light mirror creates an optical illusion which gives the impression of a never-ending tunnel of lights.

Eye-catching and Mesmerising!

This new switch-adapted toy is now available through our Outreach Services. Talk to us about what type of switch will suit your child’s needs so that they can access the toy and control it themselves.

Switch toys are fun, can help develop an understanding of cause and effect, and (with a play-partner) even develop an understanding of how to take turns: some key building blocks of communication!

Please take a look under the Outreach Services / Resource Library for our full catalogue of communication equipment and switch adapted toys: available for loan in the South East to healthcare and educational professionals, as well as direct to families, free of charge. 

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