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One-to-One Lessons

Find A Voice offers 1:1 supported sessions in personal progress. Each session is 45 minutes or 1 hour in duration

Personal Development, Functional Skills, Independent Living Skills and Vocational/Work Skills.

An example of a topic covered could be 'getting on with other people'. This would be assessed through various activities such as trips, discussion, question and answer, etc. Assessment criteria could be to follow instructions or to ask for / offer help. 

The range of ability required for our sessions is wide and varied. 

Tailor-made Educational Prgrammes

We deliver tailor - made educational programmes to students who want to continue their education past school leaving age.  We are an AQA registered centre, where students can study IT, Maths and English as well as social development and independent living qualifications.


45 minutes - £17.50*

1 hour £21.00*


* All prices are based on 1:1 tuition, however additional costs may be incurred if additional support is required.

Life Skills

We at Find A Voice believe it is vitally important to give our students the knowledge and skills to be able to have a safe, healthy, independent life. Life Skills courses incorporates many topics that do just that. Some modules are:

Internet Safety

Here at Find A Voice we often use the computers and the internet with our students so we feel it is very important that they know how to stay safe whilst online. We cover topics such as cyber bullying, the do's and don't's of social media and online shopping.

Money Management

Money makes the world go round. We cannot function without it. Within this module we will look at:

  • different types of bank accounts
  • where the best place to save money is
  • how to budget our income
  • where to go for money/debt advice

Healthy Eating

The Healthy Eating module focuses on enabling the students to consider their diet and behavior. Find A Voice takes great pride in teaching the Healthy Eating course to help enhance the students' social and personal development. We make healthy portion control plates and even plan and prepare a healthy meal.

Personal Hygiene

This topic is all about keeping ourselves healthy, clean and presentable. We cover many topics within this module such as:

  • dental hygiene
  • personal hygiene e.g. grooming routine, clothes washing, etc.
  • food hygiene

Functional Relationships

Find A Voice enhances the student's personal and social development through providing the knowledge and skill to form happy appropriate relationships with family, friends and partners. We will look at behaviours that are both good and bad within any kind of relationship, and what to do if someone does something that you are uncomfortable with.

How To Cope In An Emergency

Within this module we will look at ways to deal with emergency situations such as:

  • gas leak
  • power cuts
  • cuts, scrapes, nose bleeds and fainting

We will also look at different scenarios and whether it is appropriate to call the emergency services, this will include a 999 phone call role play activity.