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Find A Voice provides a service where communication equipment can be loaned free of charge. Our service is used by parents, teachers, speech and language therapists and various other professionals. We have an extensive mobile resource library which enables us to demonstrate our equipment at schools and hospitals, as well as during home visits. 

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Squish Switch

TO 102 

Very sensitive plush squeeze operated switch.

Pal Pad Switch – Small, Medium, Large

TO  83, TO 84, TO 85, TO 86, TO 2932, TO 298

Time Latch Switch

TO 003, TO 005, TO 007 

Add the benefits of modes of control to the flexibility of a battery system and you have an excellent choice for a student to control one battery-powered device at a time. 

Squeeze Switch

TO 109 

Ergonomic and easy to operate.

Jelly Bean Switch

TO 061, TO 077, TO 078, TO 166

Press the colourful squishy surface to operate.

Super Sensitive Saucer Switch

TO 103, TO 133 

Tough plastic. Irresistible to touch, and super sensitive. 

Joggle Switch – Blue & Green & Red

TO 239, To 255,  TO 256 

TRAXSYS' Joggle Switch allows you to increase or decrease the force required to activate it. It measures 5". Joggle Switch has 15 different settings. Rotate the top to increase or decrease the force required for activation. 

Tash Buddy Button

TO 071, TO 072 
A reliable, durable, colourful switch. Auditory and tactile feedback. 6.3 cm diameter. 

On/Off Switch

TO 191, TO 192, TO 242

Robust wooden 'latching' switch.

Wobble Switch

TO 163, TO 168

Multi-directional switch that can be activated by any part of the body from any direction. The Access Wobble Switch is a very handy switch that is useful in many situations.