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Find A Voice provides a service where communication equipment can be loaned free of charge. Our service is used by parents, teachers, speech and language therapists and various other professionals. We have an extensive mobile resource library which enables us to demonstrate our equipment at schools and hospitals, as well as during home visits. 

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Book of Games

M 004 

It provides a wealth of ideas for using Makaton Vocabulary in an informal and fun way to reinforce teaching and practice signs meaningfully in social situations. 

Makaton Make & Do

M 002, M003 

Ideas for workers with pre-school and nursery age children, with signs and symbols.

Makaton Parent/Carer 1 Pocket Book of Signs/Symbols

M084, M104, M105, M106

Makaton Parent/Carer Pack 2

M 016, M 036 

Pack 2 builds on the vocabulary learned in Pack 1 and continues with Core Vocabulary signs and symbols from Stages 3, 4 and 5 and more of the Additional Stage. Includes DVD.  

Pocket Book of Symbols 2

M 085

Stages 5-8. Ideal for reference, and matching the pocket books of signs, in a handy pocket-sized format.

Core Vocabulary Signs Book

M 100, M101

This book is a good starting point for learning Makaton. 

Makaton USB Core Vocabulary

M 102, M 103

USB with video clips of Makaton core vocabulary 

Favourite Things DVD

M 034, M 047, M 054, M 071, M 072

Favourite Things DVD from Something Special BBC series with Makaton signing. 

The Lord’s Prayer

M 018

Includes words, signs and music for the Lord's Prayer.

Going to the Dentist

M 017

A book using photographs and MAKATON symbols to explain routine experiences for people with learning disabilities and/or communication problems.