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Find A Voice provides a service where communication equipment can be loaned free of charge. Our service is used by parents, teachers, speech and language therapists and various other professionals. We have an extensive mobile resource library which enables us to demonstrate our equipment at schools and hospitals, as well as during home visits. 

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Sequencer Blue & Yellow

COMM 169, COM 170 

Pressing the button (or a connected switch) causes message one to play. Pressing it again activates message two, then three and so on. This allows individuals to carry on a conversation with a single switch and works well for reading a story, conducting a class report, participating in a school play etc. Sequencer has two message levels for rapid contextual change

Big Button

COMM 171 

Big Button with Steps and Levels 
A communication aid for single messages or sequences, with multiple levels.   9 levels with 6 seconds recording time plus 1 level with 14 seconds recording time.    Two modes – Steps (sequencing) and Levels

Ipads with Grid Player and Proloquo2go

COMM 145, COMM 163, COMM 165, COMM 166, COMM 200 (Mini ipad) COMM 201, COMM 202 

Grid Player and Proloquo2go help people who cannot speak or who have unclear speech to communicate. Sentences that are created are spoken out loud. They are suitable for a wide range of people with communication difficulties, including those who use symbols


COMM 193, COMM 194 

A communication aid which is interactive, cross curricular and ideal for speaking and listening. With 6 interactive sides, automatic playback when rolled. 

Partner/One Stepper

COMM 038 

The Partner/One Stepper is a single-panel augmentative and alternative communication device with a stepping feature that enables the user to record a sequence of messages for up to a total time of 60 seconds.

Lava Tablet

COMM 203 

With AAC Communication app. Sentences created are spoken out loud. 

Big Step by Step

COMM 204 

Records a series of messages which the user can step through in sequence.  Has interchangeable red, blue, yellow and green tops

Digital Voice Amplifier

COMM 205 

Amplifies low level speech, compact lightweight design, with head worn microphone and throat microphone 

Fast Talk

COMM 206, COMM 207 

A pocked sized booklet from the Stroke Association for people with Aphasia to support everyday communication 


COMM 208 

A two buttoned communication device which enables the user to choose between two activities or to ask or answer questions