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Resources Catalogue

Find A Voice provides a service where communication equipment can be loaned free of charge. Our service is used by parents, teachers, speech and language therapists and various other professionals. We have an extensive mobile resource library which enables us to demonstrate our equipment at schools and hospitals, as well as during home visits. 


Play communication resources templates and instructions

play_communication_resources_templates_and_instructions_2.pdf (Last updated: 14 Aug 2023).

Toys Catalogue

toys_catalogue_2018_1_1.pdf (Last updated: 23 Dec 2021).

Makaton Resources

makaton_resources.pdf (Last updated: 26 Apr 2021).


2018_switches.pdf (Last updated: 26 Apr 2021).

Sensory Catalogue

sensory_catalogue_2018_2_1.pdf (Last updated: 22 Mar 2022).

Communication Catalogue

communication_catalogue_2019_3_1.pdf (Last updated: 22 Mar 2022).